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Change your rythm

This is a place where dreams come true – and changes form.

In search for yourself, you may find you are another.

Get your tune, and break your haubits.


There are many different types of folk high schools in Denmark. This school is a specialized school with focus on the performing arts. The main subjects are music, theatre, contemporary dance, electronic music, audio engineering, singing and contemporary circus.

This folk high school is a residential school, with students and staff living, eating and sharing the same daily routines together for the duration of a semester. In addition to your participation in the main subject and elective subjects you have chosen, you are expected, along with all of your fellow students, to help with cleaning duties and kitchen preparations as well as participating in assemblies and social gatherings. That means that during your stay at a folk high school, you live, eat, study, party and clean together with the other students. Everybody has the same duties and the same rights – regardless of gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, etc.

Singing together in a group is deeply rooted in the culture of Denmark’s folk high schools, as it is here at Toftlund Musik og Teaterhøjskolen. Unlike some folk high schools, we don’t have morning assemblies, but instead sing together at lunch, often with the students taking turns picking the song of the day.

Students attending a Danish folk high school come from a wide range of ages and educational backgrounds. The social life and atmosphere at the school is equally important as obtaining educational knowledge; it’s often said that folk high schools are ‘schools for life’, and in keeping with that sentiment, there are no exams or degrees at a folk high school.

Please note that our main language is danish. Contact us for what that means for you.

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